VIC Govt Talks to Riders

The Victorian Government has engaged with riders to resolve conflict between riders, resident and other forest users.

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Nowhere To Ride

There's hardly anywhere to ride legally in NSW.

Land developers, policy exclusion, clowns and noise has resulted in closure of nearly all available areas.

Now there are Environmental problems as riders push into areas they would not have used previously.

Erosion from new track creation, grooving of water diversion banks (roll-overs), creek bank destruction and spreading of weeds and diseases from unwashed machines are all problems now.

Media Release

23 November 2010


The Motorcycle Council of NSW (MCC of NSW) calls upon the NSW state government to immediately introduce Recreational Registration for off-road motorcycles along the lines of the Victorian model.

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Knowing When to Stop

A good lead rider has a few tricks up his sleeve. He either puts in a stretch of transport at the start or a challenging hill or trail, both of these have the same effect on the group; they calm the start-of-ride jitters, settle the riders into the flow of things, and allow the lead to better gauge the mix of skill levels in the group. He’ll also regroup regularly and do head counts to check everyone is there and traveling okay, and he’ll make these regroups in shade, well out of the way of other traffic.

He’ll also know that accidents are most likely to happen when riders are tired, so the middle of the afternoon is not a good time for a challenge section and more cornermen on hazards is a smart idea. Most of all, he’ll know when to stop. Those blokes struggling at the back are beat and buggered; don’t make them ride in the dark. Aim to have the whole group in at least an hour before sunset so they can work on their bikes and relax before dinner. If you’re camping, make that a couple of hours. And if things turn really bad, such as a snow storm, torrential rain, or an unexpectedly tough run, forget the plan and get the group to safety, straight down the Hume if necessary.

We ride for fun; it’s the leader’s job to make sure that’s how it turns out.

Photo by Warren Buffett