VIC Govt Talks to Riders

The Victorian Government has engaged with riders to resolve conflict between riders, resident and other forest users.

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Nowhere To Ride

There's hardly anywhere to ride legally in NSW.

Land developers, policy exclusion, clowns and noise has resulted in closure of nearly all available areas.

Now there are Environmental problems as riders push into areas they would not have used previously.

Erosion from new track creation, grooving of water diversion banks (roll-overs), creek bank destruction and spreading of weeds and diseases from unwashed machines are all problems now.

Media Release

23 November 2010


The Motorcycle Council of NSW (MCC of NSW) calls upon the NSW state government to immediately introduce Recreational Registration for off-road motorcycles along the lines of the Victorian model.

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Riding Environment

Photo by Garry oliver

The Basics

  • Hold a current motorcycle licence
  • Hold current registration for your motorcycle
  • Have a noise compliant muffler and spark arrester
  • Ride only on formed roads and tracks
  • Respect others

The Do’s

  • Do Prepare your bike, your gear, yourself, your ride plan
  • Do Take care with fire, sparks & noise
  • Do Stop for horses, you may frighten them
  • Do Talk to other forest users, you may learn things
  • Do Go quietly near walkers, horses, picnics, carparks
  • Do Obey signage, restrictions,etc
  • Do Respect locked gates, private property
  • Do Take your garbage home – leave no trace

The Don’ts

  • Don’t Use unregisterable bikes or ATV’s on public land
  • Don’t Use signposted management roads/tracks
  • Don’t Make new tracks through the bush
  • Don’t Ride on walking tracks
  • Don’t Disturb people with noise, especially near residences
  • Noise

    Loud & Clear, noise is our main issue!Remember that making a racket only limits riding options Ask any non-rider what annoys them the most about dirt bikes and they’ll bark out ‘noise!’ every time....

  • Erosion

    Riding Challenging Terrain Riding challenging terrain is an important part of the trail biking experience, however, riding challenging terrain while having minimal impact on the trail is even more...

  • Weeds

    Weeds, and Soil and Plant DiseasesThe use of trail bikes and equally other forms of forest use have the potential to act as a vector or a way for pest species, weeds, and plant and soil diseases to...

  • Consideration of others

    Being aware of and considerate of other forest users is critical to reducing the incidence of conflict between trail bikes and other forest users. Obviously conflict can be a simple finger of respect ...