VIC Govt Talks to Riders

The Victorian Government has engaged with riders to resolve conflict between riders, resident and other forest users.

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Nowhere To Ride

There's hardly anywhere to ride legally in NSW.

Land developers, policy exclusion, clowns and noise has resulted in closure of nearly all available areas.

Now there are Environmental problems as riders push into areas they would not have used previously.

Erosion from new track creation, grooving of water diversion banks (roll-overs), creek bank destruction and spreading of weeds and diseases from unwashed machines are all problems now.

Media Release

23 November 2010


The Motorcycle Council of NSW (MCC of NSW) calls upon the NSW state government to immediately introduce Recreational Registration for off-road motorcycles along the lines of the Victorian model.

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Satellite Phones

Unless you’re in remote areas a lot, it pays to hire sat-phones. They are expensive and susceptible to water and vibration damage, and are also expensive in terms of call costs, so they aren’t an every day use item. Again, check who your carrier is before hiring or buying. One ... global ... company has access to so few satellites that a workable signal is rare and brief, which is not what you want in an emergency.

Put the sat-phone’s number on its case so that it is easy for everyone to find; emergency services will ask for it so they can contact you back. Similarly, if the phone has a security code this should also be attached to the case so there is no delay if it is needed in a hurry.

Satellite Phone